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Virtual Information Night for Gr. 8 Students&Parents

A recording of this Zoom meeting can be viewed at

Any questions not answered during the session can be submitted on the CONTACT US page on this website.

The following Power Point presentations can also be viewed.

Application for the 2021-2022 Pre-Baccalaureate Program is now open

Please note that the acceptance deadline for 2021/2022 Pre-Baccalaureate Programme applications at Monarch Park has been extended to Friday, January 8th at 4:00 p.m.  This is due to the delay in issuing Grade 8 Interim Report Cards at some TDSB elementary schools.

Click on the Programs tab for more information about the IBprogramme, application procedures and due dates.

Monarch Moves

Students show their dance moves at break time. 

Monarch Moves
 TDSB School Openings

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Online learning resources

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optional attendance

Students who are planning on leaving MPC  for the 2021-22 school year to enrol in a TDSB school outside of their catchment area (please see the TDSB web page - - and look under "Find My School") must use an Optional Attendance form and submit it to Principal Pang, ( by January 29th, 2021. The form will then be sent to the school you are applying to under Optional Attendance.

credit rescue

Monday, February 1st  and Tuesday, February 2nd - Optional Credit Rescue days at the teacher’s discretion.

A teacher will offer one or a combination of the following activities to ensure success:

  • Teach the classes according to the regular schedule
  • Schedule individual meetings with students for Credit Rescue
  • Schedule individual meetings with students to support the completion of any projects or assignments

Wednesday, February 3rd and Thursday, February 4th - These days have been deemed board-wide Credit Rescue days" in lieu of exams. The purpose of these days is for teachers to support students who are deemed to be at-risk of not achieving a credit.  While these days have been formally recognized for credit rescue purposes, teachers will continue to work with students who may need extra support to catch up on missed or incomplete assignments in the weeks before. 

Remote Learning Check-In 

Students received a Google Survey from our Guidance teachers. Please complete the survey as soon as you are able. Your answers will help us adapt our supports to meet your needs.

Toronto public Health - new screening tool - Dec. 7, 2020

Toronto Public Health just announced it is has updated its COVID-19 student screening tool to prevent further opportunities for virus spread. The TDSB follows direction from Toronto Public Health and the new screening tool will be effective starting Monday, December 7, 2020

As part of this guidance, if a child has one or more new, or worsening COVID-19 symptoms, parents will now be required to:

  • Keep their child home.
  • Keep sibling and other children home, even if they do not have symptoms.
  • Arrange for the child to get tested or contact their health care provider.
  • Without testing, the child must stay home for 10 days.
  • Monitor the family for symptoms. Adults must stay home if they have one or more symptom.
Course Selection Information 2020-21

Please see information available on the Registration Page

Toronto Public Health needs your Vaccination Record
  • Missing vaccines? See your doctor to get vaccinated. 
  • Meningo...what? Ask your doctor to order the meningococcal-ACYW vaccine for free from Toronto Public Health. You can also get the vaccine at a Toronto Public Health vaccination clinic. Make an appointment online: 
  • Report Online Report your updated vaccinations: 

416 338-7600

Student Services - account and here is the link:, we also have a facebook page:

IB Program Information - Please see the Programs page of our website.

The IB Program

Information regarding the 2021-22 application  process for the Pre-Baccalaureate is now available.



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